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Small Block Chevy Exhaust Headers


Street Rod Headers

5/16" Flange.


Headers are tig welded and ported out, instead of arc welded, creating a absolutely flat flange surface to match flat head surface.


Available in Ceramic Coated inside and out or polished stainless steel.


Straight Plug Only.


Ceramic coating reduces engine bay temperature up to 30 degrees.


Outside tubes are on the backside of the collector.

includes: Bolts, Gaskets and Collectors.



  headers - backside.jpg (42033 bytes)

Stainless Steel

Street Rod Headers 

Part # S3802SS  $179.95

Ceramic Coated

Street Rob Headers 

Part # S3802  $169.95

Click on picture above

to see the flange quality


Tri 5 Chevy Exhaust Headers


TRI 5 Ceramic Headers can be used in many cars and trucks that don't have room for straight drop block hugger or Chevy ram horn headers. The collectors are at about a 40 degree slant and the header flange is adjustable in any direction, for clearance of steering box and shaft.

Headers are tig welded, not arc welded. Collector and head flange are as smooth as the head for better sealing, and ported out as per bottom picture for better exhaust flow.


bullet5/16" Flange
bulletPolished Stainless Or Ceramic Coated inside and out
bulletTri 5 Headers
bulletSlant or straight plug
bulletCeramic coated reduces engine bay temperature up to 30 degrees
bulletInside tubes are on backside of collector
bulletIncludes: Bolts, gaskets and collectors


Ceramic    Part # S3805    $204.95

Stainless Part # S3805SS  $214.95

Smooth Surface for Better Sealing and NO Exhaust Leaks.

Orders or Information - Call 1-800-588-2358



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